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1. How do I apply to Pathfinders?

Application forms CAPF 60-81 (cadets) or CAPF 17 (seniors) must be emailed to pathfinder@mowgcap.org no later than 15 July 2023. Instructions for payment will be provided upon approval of applications.

2. How do I know that I have been accepted?

You will receive an email one you have been selected.  It will contain important information and packing lists.

3. Can I bring my laptop or tablet to PTS?

No.  Unless you are attending the school as a cadre member, you will not need your computer.

4. Are laundry facilities available?

No.  Please pack enough clothing for the entire school session.

5. Do I really need all the equipment listed?

Yes. We will spend a good amount of time in the field training. There is no time allotted to go shopping during training.  Missing equipment will affect your experience.

6. Is the school physically demanding?

Yes.  Each day you will be required to participate in physical training.  In addition, there is a PT test at the end of training.  If you are planning to attend, you should be working out to prepare.  We highly suggest doing some long walks (greater than 5 miles) with your 24 hr pack to prepare as well.  As part of the school, you are required to participate in a cross country hike that is approximately 10 miles.

 7. Is there a graduation ceremony for the school that friends and family can attend?

Yes.  Information on the graduation ceremony will be sent out in June.  Because of security concerns and procedures on Fort Leonard Wood, those wishing to attend must apply for a pass ahead of time. 

8.  I’ve never had any emergency services training in CAP.  Is this school for me?

Absolutely!  As long as you have met the prerequisites, you can attend.  We will work with you to ensure that you have at least your Ground Team Member 3 certification by the end of the school.

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